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Home Inspections in Palm Springs – A Natural Fit

Home Inspections in Palm Springs with Jerry Campbell

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Home Inspections in Palm Springs are just a natural fit for me because of my experience in the construction industry in Colorado when I was very young. Through the years I’ve gained experience in every phase of construction, so I’m very comfortable with how home systems should operate, and what determines the difference between a real potential problem versus an unnecessary concern.

After moving to Palm Springs I worked for a home warranty company that wanted to establish a home inspection division. During my training they really helped me to zero-in on the important structural and mechanical factors that matter during a home inspection, enabling me to create proper reports, and establish relationships with local realtors.

Home Inspections in Palm Springs in the 1990’s was a relatively new industry, so at the time, it took them about a year to realize the conflict of interest in maintaining an in-house inspection service with their home warranties. At that point they basically set me up to conduct this business on my own, and it was a great time for me personally to just run with it. To this day, I’m very grateful for their help.

My first home inspection was in 1995, in Palm Springs. 

The Value of Home Inspection in Palm Springs Today

When I first started in this business, home inspections were not really on the radar for most people buying a home. Over time, though, people have recognized the value of going into what is, most likely, their largest purchase with their eyes wide open, so to speak. 

Customer feedback is personally rewarding and a motivating incentive for my own job satisfaction, for sure! Recently, a client requested us for a 1-year warranty new construction inspection. Upon using our infrared camera, we found a guest room exterior wall on the 2nd floor that was entirely missing insulation! They were able to get the developer to complete that work for them before their warranty ran out. 

Running a Home Inspection Company in Palm Springs

I offer myself as a resource anytime to our customers whenever they have follow-up questions or concerns because often they may not even think about it until after they move in. 

Finding this type of follow-through makes a remarkable difference in customer relationships and satisfaction. I really enjoy helping people understand and learn about their new home, and I’m happy to offer my professional opinion.

My wife and I have run this business together since we married in 1996 and have discovered that we are an ideal fit working together over the years.

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