Home Inspections Indian Wells, CA

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Cal-Spec’s licensed inspectors are here to serve Indian Wells, CA and the surrounding areas with knowledge and support. We adhere to strict standards of communication and client comprehension of our inspection findings. Afterall, your home is one of the largest investments that you’ll make.

5 Star Home Inspections

Our fully insured home inspectors will walk you through your inspection of the main systems and components of your home. Feel free to ask any questions you may have as we examine your plumbing, electrical system, roofing, HVAC system, and more. An easy-to-read digital inspection report, complete with photos, descriptions, and color-coding will be emailed to you the following day, with the option to again ask your inspector any questions you may have.

Mold Inspections

If you smell something musty, or see what you think may be mold, it is important to have it investigated by a professional. Exposure to mold can cause irritation to your lungs, throat, and eyes, and it could potentially even be toxic. Aside from the consequences to your health, mold can also damage the surfaces in your home that it is growing on. If you’ve had a water leak or plumbing issues, schedule a mold inspection today to ensure that you and your family will not risk exposure to mold.

Make the Smart Decision

Hire Cal-Spec Inspections for premier, personalized, and professional home inspections.