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To all real estate agents we are here to help you. It’s sad to say that a love-hate relationship can sometimes exist between realtors and home inspectors, am I right? Over the years I’ve heard realtors complain about inspectors that have “killed the deal” with their alarming reports. Recently, one agent told me that an inspector actually said to her: “I’m the deal breaker!” (good grief!)

Please rest assured, we are not that inspector. Believe me, I get it. Can’t we all just get along? It’s one important reason we’ve survived 27 years in the business.

How we can help real estate agents like yourself?

Even serious issues with homes don’t need to frighten the buyer. We totally get the balancing act between necessary disclosures and the nature of our reaction to them. Because of my history as a general contractor, I am fully aware of what it takes to get these building-related issues resolved. My standard response to a buyer’s concern is to offer reasonable solutions providing options that, most of the time, result in the deal staying put. A simple conversation with the client can go a long way to allay their fears. After every inspection we offer ourselves as a resource for any follow-up concerns they may have. This policy is for their peace of mind as well as yours.

Have you seen our online scheduling feature that helps real estate agents connect with us?

It’s pretty slick, check it out and let me know what you think. (Just click the button below.) Feel free to bookmark it next time you need a quick inspection.

To help real estate agents we have provided a Home Inspection Resource page dedicated to realtors.

Agents, we’re here to help! Why not test our knowledge, experience and stellar communication skills for your next transaction?

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