Best Places to Live in Coachella Valley

The perks of life in California include an expansive climate, rich culture and various scenery throughout the length of the state. California is a state that delivers the aforementioned perks no matter where you decide to live.

With the length of the state extending over 800 miles, it’s no wonder that you’ll experience incredible, contrasting landscape while traveling inland or exploring the coast. The hardest part about a move to California, or moving within California, is figuring out which part of the state to settle in.

The options are seemingly endless, but Coachella Valley, located in sunny southern California, offers over 7,000 miles of wonderful options. These are the best places to live in Coachella Valley.

Palm Springs

There’s nothing better than the mountain views that Palm Springs has to offer. The climate is dry and hot, pretty much all year, making it an ideal choice for retirees. The communities are family friendly and quiet. Outdoor activities are plentiful.

Palm Springs has a wonderful school district, with many schools that rank above the national average when it comes to testing and placement. A short drive from Los Angeles and San Diego, the beach is never out of the question!

Palm Desert

Palm Desert is an incredible place to raise a family. Great schools, parks, restaurants and beautiful streets dotted with cafes make for an idyllic backdrop to everyday life. Located in Coachella Valley, Palm Desert offers a suburban feel, while remaining close to major cities.

Palm Desert has a thriving economy and is incredibly rich in tourism. Much of this is thanks to Coachella, but locals can enjoy attractions such as the The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens all year round. Palm Desert is a Coachella Valley gem.


Just 23 miles east of Palm Springs, sits the small scale city of Indio. A relatively young area, Indio is a great place to start a family. Part of the Coachella tourism cash cow, Indio is beautiful, and has the perfect amount of bustle for those looking to settle in a smaller city.

You can travel to LA or San Diego in just a couple of hours, and you’ll find real estate to be reasonable for the area.

Rancho Mirage

A small city with a population of around 20,000, Rancho Mirage is not to be left off of the list of the best places to live in Coachella Valley. Close to Palm Springs and Palm Desert, but just a bit on the smaller side, Rancho Mirage offers children’s museums, parks and a strong sense of community.

Planting Your Roots

Living in Coachella Valleyy will seem like a dream at times, no matter which city you decide to plant your roots. The county is spilling over with family friendly cities and suburbs, and communities and culture accepting of people from all walks of life.

If California is where you’re headed, Coachella Valley is a great place to end up. Nothing on Earth beats that Southern CA weather.

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