What Type of Precautions are we Taking to Protect our Customers and Community?


  1. The nature of home inspections are considered low risk for viral transmission since we do not require contact with others to perform our job. As a rule, we will employ face masks as well as disposable gloves since there are surfaces we must touch in order to determine functionality. (i.e.: thermostats, faucets, etc.) However, we are careful not to touch surfaces unnecessarily.
  2. We ask that our customers and realtors alike be willing to consider not showing up at the inspection. We encourage videoconferencing as a substitute for face to face conversation. In addition to the 6ft distance precaution, we also wear a face mask and kindly request that anyone else on site does as well for the benefit of all. However, standing a minimum of 6 feet apart with our faces masked makes it difficult to navigate a coherent conversation regarding home system technicalities. We have found that videoconferencing offers a refreshing alternative.

It is our desire to be as safe and considerate as possible for all parties involved in this process. Therefore, we strictly adhere to all CDC guidelines and recommendations. The virus has nowhere to go if people keep a safe distance from each other. 

One more change that we’ve engaged includes an “occupant virus release” to be agreed upon by the occupant of the home we are hired to inspect. This is very similar to the release that realtors also use for conducting business during the current pandemic. 

Please feel free to call us with any further questions or concerns you may have 760.770.7060.